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Instant Feedback

Let your customers tell you what's wrong.

A poll is very quick way to gain customer input. Polls can be used to gain user insights or even as a form for lead generation.


Ask the perfect question at the perfect time.

Have full control over when & where your polls are shown. Wait until the user has visited a specific page, or catch them just before they leave the site.

Show polls to people from specific countries or browsers. You can even sample your polls to a certain percentage of visitors.

Craft the Perfect Poll

Use our simple editor to design the perfect poll.

Easily pick the color and text of your polls to match the look & feel of your website. All done through our dashboard, without the need to change code on your website.

Get Context with Your Feedback

Watch a recording of a visitor's behavior
based upon their poll response.

You Get
You Get
Visitor Recordings
You Get
Live Views 
You Get
Live Chat
You Get
Conversion Funnel
You Get
Colourful Heatmaps
You Get
Form Analytics
You Get
Visitor Polls

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