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Interactive Heatmaps & Insights for Just $20 a Month.

Heatmaps. Reimagined.

Your website is dynamic and interactive. Why isn’t your heatmap? Unleash the power of the world’s first – and only – fully interactive heatmap that overlays as you browse your website. Watch in real-time as users toggle menus, open popups, and move through the steps of a form.


Learn more about your users' behavior through segmentation


Determine if your call-to-action is what users interact with most


Integrate your insights into reports by exporting screenshots and stats

Interactive Heatmap

Enjoy using a heatmap as dynamic as your website.

Clicks, moves, and scroll depth

Instantly see what users did through multiple metrics

Watch the heatmap update in real time

Switch pages, toggle dropdowns, open popups

Take a screenshot

Save and share your heatmaps with others


Find out who your users are by segmenting from numerous different metrics.

Compare and segment different device types

See how your website looks across screen sizes

Step back through date ranges

View historical snapshots of your website

Save for later use

Make segmentation available later for you and your team

Element Analytics

Watch how users interact with each individual part of your website.

See Stats

Focus on an element’s rankings and counts

Play Recordings

Catch what happened before and after the click

View Segmentation

Analyze usage on a micro level

More to enjoy with Kolahawk

  • Works on websites with strict cross-domain rules
  • Compatible with single-page apps
  • Accessible on pages requiring authentication
  • Customize the look and opacity of heatmaps
  • Aggregate heatmap data across multiple pages
  • Export element analytics as CSV
You Get
You Get
Visitor Recordings
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Live Views 
You Get
Live Chat
You Get
Conversion Funnel
You Get
Colourful Heatmaps
You Get
Form Analytics
You Get
Visitor Polls

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