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A Visitor Just Left Your Website.
See Everything They Did Before They Left.

Kolahawk main Logo

What is Kolahawk

Kolahawk is an All-in-One Conversion Optimization and Data Analytics Suite. Using its Hawk Monitoring system, website owners can watch in "real-time" how users are interacting with their websites. In combination with our Live Chat & Interactive Apps, you can now take "Complete Control" of how users experience your website.

How Does It Work?

The Kolahawk suite consists of 7 main applications that help you to take complete control of how visitors interact with your website. Install Kolahawk on your website in only a few minutes by uploading our plugin or secure tracking code and you are all set. We have highlighted the features and tools of the 7 apps in the Kolahawk Suite, please see below.


Your Personalised Dashboard

When anyone visits your website, you immediately get notified on the Hawkpit Dashboard. Using interactive pictorial data, you can see how they found you and find out what keywords, referrers or tweets are driving traffic to your website and do historical analysis for all this data.

Live View & Recordings

Watch Everything, LIVE

Kolahawk will automatically create and save a video recording of every visitor to your website. If you are logged into the Hawkpit, you can watch the user activity on your website LIVE in real-time. Kolahawk records dynamic and member's only pages, including even the most advanced sites and single page apps.

Hint: Play the video here to see a recording of user activity on a sample website that uses Kolahawk.

Kolahawk live chat

Live Chat

Talk Customers Through The Process

Kolahawk Chat easily integrates with your existing website and works perfectly across all devices. Kolahawk Chat is equipped with powerful features. You can have multiple chat operators, canned responses, transfer chat between operators, upload files to the chat and recall a visitor chat from their last visit to your website. Chat transcripts can be mailed daily or weekly to a supervisor for quality assurance.


Get Immediate Customer Feedback

No more guessing games with your team about what your customers really want. Instead, ask them directly. Kolahawk Polls are fully customisable and can be set up to be triggered at just the right moment. You can have multiple questions, and redirect customers to URls after they respond.

Form Analytics

Are Your Forms Annoying Customers?

Kolahawk Form Analytics produces five distinct and highly valuable reports that give you insight into how visitors are using the forms on your website. Use this to discover which fields in the forms are always skipped and which field makes visitors get frustrated and abandon the process completely. This tool will help you eradicate worrisome form questions and rearrange form fields for the best user experience.

Conversion Funnels

Numerous Visits But No Customers?

So 50 unique visitors have been on your website today and you still haven't made a sale or gained a customer. Kolahawk Conversion Funnels let you accurately see where visitors abandon a process on your website such as checking-out or creating an account or choosing a payment method. You can then make changes to weed out controversial parts of this step or trigger a poll or auto-chat to guide or reassure your website visitors during this step.

kolahawk funnel-steps


See What's Hot on Your Website

Kolahawk Heatmaps are an excellent way to visualise the areas on your website visitors pay attention to the most. It works dynamically so you can access this heatmap mode while a visitor is live on your website. Watch colourfully in real-time as visitors toggle menus, open popups, move through the steps of a form and engage your Call to Action Banners. Take a Screenshot at any time to share in reports or briefings.

You Get
You Get
Visitor Recordings
You Get
Live Views 
You Get
Live Chat
You Get
Conversion Funnel
You Get
Colourful Heatmaps
You Get
Form Analytics
You Get
Visitor Polls

All 8 Applications Starting At Only 

$20 a month

Easy Installation. Get Started in Minutes.

What Kolahawk Users Are Saying


HVAC Company

Pretty Great

We needed a reliable live chat application for our website. We've been quite pleased with Kolahawk so far. Not only can you trigger a chat to a website visitor, but you can transfer the chat to other agents and also upload files. The form analytics is also great for knowing what fields in your forms visitors have a hard time with.

Lu Gold store

E-Commerce Website

Increased Conversation Rate

Our customer conversion rate increased greatly after we started using Kolahawk on our website. It's been really interesting watching each shopper visit our website and search through our products. We like to playback the recordings every weekend and learn where to make changes on our site. The chat triggers also make closing a sale much easier.

winston leather

Fashion Website

Clear Picture

Kolahawk helped us to get a clear picture of where all of our website visitors are from and how they ended up on  our website. We also use Kolahawk polls to take votes from Customers on our website to decide on the leather products to be added to our new catalogues.

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